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Tip Roundup: webOS phone tips that work on the TouchPad, part 1

by Adam Marks Mon, 22 Aug 2011 10:22 am EDT

While many owners of the TouchPad have been long-time webOS phones owners, many are being introduced to the operating system in webOS 3.0.2. In the last two years since debuting with webOS 1.0.1 on the Palm Pre, lots of functionally has been built into the phone-based version of the OS that has continued onto the TouchPad. In this series of Tip Roundups, we will revisit many of those old tips for all you new TouchPad owners (and as a refreshing to our long time webOS users).

Keep in mind that while the functionality of these tips remains the same, the screenshots and descriptions may not match up perfectly when comparing phones with a physical keyboard to the tablet. Keep reading after the break for your first PreCentral Tips review lesson.

  • Send an email to a CC or BCC recipient
    • While the email app only shows you the "TO:" field by default when addressing an email, you do have access to the CC: and BCC: by just tapping on "TO:". Tapping it again will hide the CC and BCC
  • Set a power-on PIN or password
    • Want to protect your TouchPad from unwanted access? Be sure to set a password or PIN so only you can access it
  • Keyboard Shortcut: Shift + Backspace
    • The beauty of a multi-touch virtual keyboard is that you can still perform keyboard-combinations such as Shift and Backspace together. This will delete entire words instead of just one character at a time.
  • Searching for a contact using initials
    • Since as early as the original Palm Pilot, narrowing down your contacts in PalmOS to the one person you wanted was as simple as searching using their first initial and then their last name. So, a search for John Smith would be accomplished by searching for "jsmith" or just "jsmi". This feature was built into webOS and has continued onto the TouchPad
  • Linking Contacts
    • webOS Synergy allows you to bring in contacts from multiple cloud-based services and combine them within your Contact List. Normally, this will result in a single entry for the same person with a Google, Facebook and LinkedIn contact account, but it doesn't always combine them. Instead, you will need to manually link them together. Note that you need to tap of the "1 Profile" box on a contracts record on the TouchPad, not a contact's name to bring up this option on the TouchPad
  • Adjust Wi-Fi Sleep Setting
    • With the TouchPad only available in a Wi-Fi model, you may want to ensure that the Wi-Fi stays on, even if the screen turns off. Or, to save battery life, you may want Wi-Fi to disconnect if the screen is not on. In the WiFi app, you can adjust these "Sleep settings".
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