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No battery iconYou grab your TouchPad, press the power button, and nothing happens. It appears to be completely dead. You assume that maybe it's just a dead battery and place it on a Touchstone or plug it in, but you don't even get the "dead battery" picture that typically appears. Before you throw the TouchPad across the room in anger, here are a few tips that you can try to revive a dead TouchPad first. Of course, none of these are guaranteed to work, but give them a shot.

  • Charge the device for a few hours. We have seen completely drained TouchPads that were unresponsive for almost 8 hours before showing the dead battery screen and finally the HP logo. So just be patient
  • While the tip above may work using either a Touchstone or the microUSB AC adapter, some times only the direct plug works. So be on the safe side and directly plug in your device.
  • And if that doesn't work, try different chargers or power outlets to make sure that a bad plug or outlet isn't the issue.
  • If still unresponsive, you can try to initiate a hardware reboot by pressing the device's home button and power button together for about 20-30 seconds.  While you can try this first if you would like, we would recommend doing this while the TouchPad is plugged in and charged for a few hours to ensure there is at least a little juice in the battery.
  • Finally, if by slim chance you are still within your one year of purchase or have an extended warranty, you can also give HP support a call and see if you are still under warranty and see if they can fix or replate it.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options that you have if your TouchPad is totally unresponsive. Hopefully one of these steps will fix your issue, but your mileage may vary.

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