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Since the HP TouchPad has arrived and reviews of the device started discussions, people have been asking about two very specific things that they are waiting for with this tablet device; a marketing push from HP, and an over-the-air update to fix some bugs in the OS. We've known that both were coming as early as several months before the launch of the TouchPad, and as late as Jon Rubenstein's internal memo, Ari Jaaksi's personal blog post and Stephen Dewitt's latest interview.

Here once again in an interview with Bloomberg News, Todd Bradley, VP of HP's Personal Systems Group, has given us some details on what we can expect to arrive very soon for the TouchPad which confirm exactly what others had previously stated. As Dewitt said just yesterday, the July 1st release of the TouchPad was indeed a soft launch for HP to start getting the device into the hands of consumers and pull some feedback in return. The real launch, with increased marketing efforts, are all planned to arrive on July 17th.

Shortly after that, or as Bradley says, "in about 10 days", the first OTA update for the TouchPad will arrive to device owners near and abroad. This update will pack bug fixes and some feature updates in response to the immense amount of feedback received from the public and reviewers who got their devices on the 1st of the month.

You may have noticed something about the way this new webOS Global Business Unit has been operating in these last few weeks, and it's a very good thing indeed. With multiple executives all corroborating each other's statements (remember all of the different estimates on the number of apps we would see at launch?), and with actual dates revealed to help us better prepare for the future; HP's webOS team is taking a much needed step in the right direction to make their mobile devices a success. There is still a lot of work to be done, though, but then maybe we can pull from the other phrase that so many of their executives have agreeing on lately, "We aren't running in a sprint; we're running in a marathon."