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HP Personal Systems Group Executive Vice President Todd Bradley went on Bloomberg today to discuss HP’s decision to not spin off his division (of which we would have likely become CEO as an independent company). He spoke in defense of the decision, unsurprisingly, saying that it would have simply been too expensive to go separately. That is the company line on the matter, naturally.

Thing quickly turned to webOS, with Bradley saying that HP’s “next focus” now that they’ve “resolved the questions around the PC business, is to determine how we’ll best utilize webOS and those great software assets we have.” When Bloomberg West TV host Emily Changbrought up today’s report that HP was moving to shut down the webOS Global Business Unit in the very near future, Bradley responded that it was “an unfounded rumor,” and that HP has “phenomenal software and phenomenal talent” in the webOS GBU that they need to utilize more effectively.

As to how exactly they’ll utilize that software and talent, Bradley was not forthcoming. As with the deep analysis that HP performed on the potential PSG spin-off, they’re also looking long and hard at their options with webOS. Those options we’ve gone over ad nauseum here, so we won’t bore you further with that. Bradley is a former CEO of Palm, and championed HP’s acquisition of Palm back in 2010. While HP might not be interested in making webOS devices anymore, we’re hopeful that Bradley’s going to push for the best option for webOS and its users, even if that means they’re not with HP anymore.

The whole interview is after the break, webOS talk begins at 2:43.