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Toggle Photo Geotagging

by Adam Marks Tue, 15 Mar 2011 3:29 pm EDT

Now that GPS is included on most smartphones--including all webOS devices--you have the option of Geotagging your photos to store the GPS coordinates of your location within a photo's metadata. This can be useful when on vacation to keep track of exactly where a photo was taken, but this may also lead to some unintended privacy issues while taking pictures during your normal day-to-day life. Let's say you take a picture of your son or daughter playing at the park, or of a new 50" television you just purchased, and then post that picture to Facebook or to a site like Flickr or Smugmug. Anyone with access to that picture can pull the exact location that the picture was taken, which could lead any unlawful individual to your child or home.

To disable Geotagging from your photos, simply open up the "Location Services" app and toggle the "Geotag Photos" row to OFF. Then just close the app and any picture you take will no longer save your location.

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