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Top Ten Apps, Pre 3 4G, Xoom Tablet Sadness and a Complicated Situation - From the Forums

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 07 Apr 2011 1:20 pm EDT

It has been a long time since anyone has asked the question, "What are your favorite apps for webOS?" And now that we have so many more apps available in the catalog, crucian4 thought it would be a good idea to ask once again. It's no wonder why apps like Music Player Remix, Newsroom and Neato! make it into the top ten for so many users, but some of the other more interesting choices leave us asking the question ourselves, what else are people using day-to-day on their devices?

Even without a statement about there being a 4G radio baked into the Pre 3, forum member astraith believes that the device will actually be marketed as a 4G device when it is finally released this summer. Thoughts from those commenting are hopeful, stating that any device released this year that is not 4G compatible will immediately be labeled as outdated. As it is, there is some possibility that the Pre 3 will come out as a 4G device, albeit unlikely. But you should still join the conversation there, since you might just find out some interesting details over time.

To date, the Motorola Xoom has not actually seen the best sales numbers arrive in their charts. 100,000 devices sold may sound like a lot to some, but considering how many more iPads have already been sold, this number is pretty miniscule. Thus, milominderbinder is curious to find out what could have gone better for the Xoom, and what obstacles HP may run into once the TouchPad is launched this Summer.

The 8 month old question is still here, and coming more and more often as we come closer to new devices being released under HP's webOS banner: What should you do if you absolutely need a new device right now? ttremblay is wondering that and gives a few options for his complicated situation. On the one hand, he could satisfy his device lust and get a Pre 2 now and put it on contract (but lose chance at Pre 3 later this year), or on the other he could get a Pre Plus and hope it satisfies him until better hardware is released. Of course, your opinion is the one that will sway him one way or the other, so head over to his thread to give an answer.

There's still a lot more going on in the forums than we couldn't list here, though, so saddle-up and click the link to join the discussion, or start your own. With so many people active in the forums, you'll find answers to questions, development projects that need testing, plenty of homebrew action and more. All the forums need now is you.