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TouchPad accessory pricing confirmed: $30 charger, $50 case, $70 keyboard, $80 Touchstone stand

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:40 pm EDT

HP may have given us the release date and pricing for the HP TouchPad (July 1st!), but what of those accessories? Presumably they’ll all be available at the start of next month as well, but a search for TouchPad on the HP store site reveals the retail pricing for the TouchPad’s bevy of first-party accessories.

First up is the charger, which in order to charge the significantly larger TouchPad battery (6300mAh) is both larger and more expensive than the old Palm chargers. It’s the same style design, heck, it even uses the same cable, just without any obvious branding and a longer AC-to-USB cylinder. It also puts out 10 Watts to charge the TouchPad.

That folding magical case for the TouchPad we saw before has been confirmed at $49.99. The case slips on over the back with a segmented screen-covering flap. That flap can be tucked into a tab on the back, which allows you to either prop it up for viewing in movie mode or low angled for typing. As you can imagine, it has holes for the volume buttons, headphone and micro-USB ports, and speakers. The back is also thin enough that it will work with the Touchstone Charging Dock (more on that later).

Okay, the keyboard. It’s Bluetooth. It has webOS-specific keys. It runs off two AA batteries that are estimated to last a whopping 12 months. Its slim and sexy. And it’ll cost you $69.99.

There’s one final accessory, and we saved the best and most expensive for last. It’s the HP Touchstone Charging Dock. The adjustable stand includes two Touchstone charging coils so you can charge your TouchPad in vertical or horizontal orientations, along with some sort of communications coils to identify itself to the tablet. It uses the same charging cable as the TouchPad, and blessedly comes with the cable and AC adapter in the box.

Source: HP Home and Office Store; Thanks to David for the tip!