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TouchPad and webOS apps getting Black Friday treatment

by Derek Kessler Wed, 23 Nov 2011 7:51 pm EST

Black Friday has turned into a day of manic shopping and deal hunting for American consumers, but what many people don’t realize or have forgotten is the origin of the name for the salesplosion that is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s the day that many cut-throat retailers strive to finally turn a profit for the year, to break into “the black” on the ledger books (red being negative). Turns out webOS is going to be participating in the Black Friday madness, even if HP’s already taken its multi-billion loss on webOS.

First up is an already familiar deal: buy an HP PC, get a 32GB TouchPad for an extra $150. This time it’s spread to Office Depot, which pretty much nails down the TouchPad as upsell material at every brick-and-mortar computer dealer and many online outlets.

Thankfully there’s at least one retailer willing to break with that trend: CompUSA. Assuming that you live near one of the 36 revived CompUSA locations in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinios, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, or Texas you’ll be able to grab a 32GB TouchPad (the only size HP made for the final run). CompUSA will be selling the TouchPads exclusively as part of a bundle including a Belkin case, Belkin FlipBlade collapsible stand, and Creative Labs D80 Bluetooth speaker. That’s practically the same bundle as parent company TigerDirect offered at the beginning of the month, but this time it’s a full Ulysses S. Grant cheaper at $229.99. At this time it doesn’t appear that this offer will be available on or affiliated sites TigerDirect and

Lastly, HP’s getting in on the Black Friday action with an App Catalog sale. As posted on the HP webOS Developer Blog, HP plans to have “a big sale on some fantastic apps,” but which apps specificially and how much of a sale we’re talking about they’re keeping secret for now. HP will be sending out an email to TouchPad owners about the sale, which begins on Friday morning and will be running through Cyber Monday (the online retailer equivalent of Black Friday), the 28th of November. If the App Catalog sales and giveaways of the past are any indication, HP will still pass the full 70% to app developers as if the app was never on sale, so don’t worry about cheating your favorite devs out of their hard-earned cash.

This blogger, for one, plans to hunker down at home and avoid the shopping madness. Camping out is meant for phone releases, darn it!

Source: Office Depot, CompUSA, HP webOS Developer Blog; Thanks to ericco, henoch, Brandon, and Daaknes for the tips!