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TouchPad to be available as soon as April? [rumor]

by Derek Kessler Mon, 21 Feb 2011 11:36 pm EST

As always, keep your sodium chloride distribution vessels on standby. The folks at DigiTimes are chiming in again on the HP TouchPad, claiming that the webOS tablet is slated to start shipping out at the end of March with sales beginning in April. And in case you're wondering, April does come earlier than "summer," which is when HP says they're planning to have the TouchPad ready. DigiTimes claims “upstream component partners” as their source, and for all we know that could be the case, though we aren't going to be getting our hopes up.

But we are going to wash down some of that salt with a splash of cold water: we’re not so sure the TouchPad will be ready to go before summer, let alone as early as April. Hardware, sure, but webOS 3.0 was very much a work in progress at Think Beyond and no matter how many chefs you put in the kitchen, the soufflé isn’t going to rise any faster. Or perhaps HP's rushing to get the TouchPad to market before the iPad 2 arrives.

That said, this does match up somewhat with DigiTimes’ report from last month wherein they claimed the tablet was due in March. Their sources also claim that HP is planning on shipping some 45-48 million notebooks and tablets in 2011, which when you subtract their previous notebooks-only estimates leaves 4-5 million tablets.

Don't get us wrong: we'd be tickled to have a TouchPad (and Pre 3 and Veer) in our hands in April, but we just don't see it happening. But if we have to wait until some undetermined point in the summer to get a finished product, then that's what we'll do.

Source: DigiTimes; Thanks to akitayo for the tip!