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TouchPad App Catalog breaks 1000 App milestone

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 04 Oct 2011 12:54 pm EDT

It's been three months since the HP TouchPad was released, and a little more than one since it was cancelled, and today the catalog has broken a nice-sized milestone for tablet-sized apps. According to the webOS Developer Advocate at HP, Josh Marinacci, HP's TouchPad-specific app catalog has breached 1000 available applications. In comparison, it took nearly the entire year of 2009 to reach that number for webOS smartphone apps, and more than a year for the original iPhone to reach that same number. That's not including all of the homebrew apps and patches that are available as well, nor the number of smartphone-sized apps that work in the TouchPad's emulator window. 

For a platform that has been given the boot by its owners, webOS is certainly continuing to fight for its life. Are you planning on releasing any new apps to the catalog soon?

Congratulations to all webOS developers and the developer relations team on making it this far while jumping through so many obstacles. Just think of how far we would be had HP kept going forward with webOS devices.

Source: Twitter (@JoshMarinacci)