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TouchPad Emulator Beta 5 leak reveals Mojo "compatibility mode" [exclusive]

by Derek Kessler Thu, 26 May 2011 9:52 pm EDT

It’s been several weeks since we previewed all there was in the Beta 1 TouchPad emulator for HP webOS 3.0. In the weeks since, HP has apparently pushed out several iterations of the emulator and Enyo SDK into the Early Access Program, most recently hitting version number five. Thanks to a tipster, we’re getting a first look at one of the murkier aspects of webOS 3.0: how it would handle older Mojo apps.

Turns out, HP wasn’t kidding around when they called it an emulation window. In fact, our tipster tells us that emulator might be more accurate: as you can see it runs as a Pre-sized 320x480 window (this is apparently the first released draft of the Mojo emulator, so ignore the fact that it’s sideways relative to the menu bar) with a simulated phone around it, complete with gesture area below that responds to forward and back swipes and presumably meta-taps (it’s difficult to click in two places at once with a desktop-based emulator).

According to the documentation included with the Beta 5 emulator, Mojo apps “compatibility mode” will run by default at 320x480. The only other option requires developers to add a tag to their Mojo apps that will allow it to run full-screen, which completely eliminates the simulated gesture area (and thus requires that the app have some other means of navigating if necessary). We can’t help but question the 320x480 resolution – it’s just strange to default to so small of a size when you have a big 9.7-inch 768x1024 screen to fill. HP could have done an iPad-style pixel doubling of Mojo apps to 640x960 and still had plenty of space on the screen for the faux-gesture area.

Alas, it’s not such. So why this implementation? We can’t speak for with certainty on this, but HP’s been making a lot of noise on the TouchPad apps front, so it might be that HP believes they have a good enough stable of apps ready for the TouchPad that running Mojo apps in this compatibility mode will be a niche occurrence. We’re hoping that’s the case, or that they have plans for additional options for compatibility mode, but in the end it’s a stop-gap transitional measure like Classic was for Palm OS apps.

Apart from the Mojo compatibility mode, our tipster provided us with a few more screenshots that show refinement to the darker Enyo interface we saw a few weeks back, the copy/paste selection tool and dialog box, multi-select in Email, traffic in Maps, a Photos & Videos app that apparently dumps the side-scrolling film-strip interface, and Calendar in Exhibition mode. Check out the pictures after the break.

Thanks anonymous!