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TouchPad Go to be raffled off for charity!

by Ryan St. Andrie Sun, 02 Sep 2012 9:28 pm EDT

TouchPad Go to be raffled off for charity!

Ask any webOS fan what device they were most looking forward to getting their hands on and chances are you will here them say the TouchPad Go. This seven inch little brother to the TouchPad was slated for release in "the coming months" after the original TouchPad's release. Despite the smaller size the TouchPad Go would have had many benefits to hold over its larger sibling's head like a soft touch back, a rear facing camera, and a better pixel density due to its smaller size. Add all that in together and combine it with the simple fact that a seven inch tablet makes for better portability and it's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't want one. Unfortunately dear old Mr. Apotheker killed all hopes of anyone ever getting their hands on this awesome little tablet when he chose to pull the plug on webOS hardware development. This decision banished the TouchPad Go to the land of  "misfit webOS devices" along with the Touchstone Audio Dock, the WindsorNot slab phone, and many other great devices most of us will never see. 

Despite the TouchPad Go's premature demise a few of these neat little tablets have managed to make their way into the hands of a few lucky webOS community members. One of these community members happens to be a dear friend of webOS Nation by the name of Rich Dunbar. Many of you you may be quite familiar with him from Twitter (@RichDunbar), the webOS Nation forums, or you may have even downloaded his app Tap for HELP. If you have had the pleasure of having a conversation with him you have probably gathered the fact that he is a very generous man that has helped many of people in the webOS community in many different ways. This time he's raffling off his beloved (and extremely rare) TouchPad Go (with a Touchstone charging dock)  and donating all the proceeds to charity!

Rich will be splitting all the money from this raffle in half. One half of the dough will go to the community outreach branch of  Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana. This parish was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Isaac and many families lost everything due to the disaster. Needless to say, this area could really use every bit of assistance they can get.

The other half of the earnings from the raffle will go to Sally Johnson, an woman in Mabank, TX who has assisted AIDS patients as a one volunteer army for 17 years. Sally contracted HIV 17 years ago as a rape victim and has been helping AIDS patients ever since. She provides day to day needs as well as companionship to those suffering from AIDS. Her current financial emphasis is purchasing propane at the summer rates to help pay for heat during the winter when the rates are 50% higher. This allows her to help many more people with less dollars. Ultimately this kind soul could always use a little help in her journey to helping others.

So are you all ready to throw a little money to charity for a chance to win one of the rarest webOS devices in existence? The details are as follows:

Chances can be purchased during the entire month of September. The winner will be selected by random drawing from all of the entries received up to midnight (US Central Standard Time) on September 30th. The winner will be announced and notified on Monday October 1st via the email they used to purchase the chances. The winner will have the option of remaining anonymous if they request it. All of the proceeds will be donated to the two causes mentioned above. The recipients of the donated proceeds will be publicly reported in order to show thanks as well as provide accountability to the webOS community for the donation. Rich will pay for shipping of the device to the recipient out of his own pocket (not the proceeds) to anywhere in the world that USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail ships to. It will be the sole responsibility of the participants to verify their eligibility for shipping.

Chances can be purchased via PayPal to in US $10 increments only. They should be made by selecting "Send Money" and "Personal" and "Gift" This will ensure all of the proceeds are available to the recipients. Any transfers received not in US currency or in $10 increments will be returned with no entries secured. Personal Checks or money orders will not be accepted for this opportunity.

A full numbered listing of all entries will be sent to three independent people not participating in the raffle.  Another independent person will randomly select a winning number and simultaneously email Rich Dunbar as well as the three independent list holders to verify/corroborate the winning selection.

So there you have it folks. Where else will you have the opportunity to win such a rare device for a measly 10 bucks all while helping out two awesome causes? So get out there and donate a couple of times and you might be the proud owner of a TouchPad Go!