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TouchPad ripped open, found to contain tablet bits

by Derek Kessler Sat, 02 Jul 2011 10:19 am EDT

Interested in what’s lurking inside that HP TouchPad you just bought (or happen to still be lusting after)? Well, now’s your chance: the fine folks at TechRepublic took to the TouchPad with a zeal normally reserved for iFixit’s teardowns and cracked open their TouchPad to see what’s inside.

It all starts with using a narrow wedge to pry out the display panel (now you see why we didn’t do this ourselves). Underneath you’ll find some fairly standard tablet bits: a giant battery to power the giant screen, individually-removable components like the 1.3MP webcam, micro-USB control board, a SIM card slot with SIM card circuitry without actually being connected to any part (and lacking the requisite antennae to be useful), and other magical pixidust bits. None of the components are particularly mind-blowing in this age of so small it’s stupid computer hardware, so we’ll just let you hit the source link below for the full 74-image teardown.

Source: TechRepublic; Via: Engadget