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TouchPad video shows Citrix in action [video]

by Derek Kessler Sun, 10 Apr 2011 4:00 pm EDT

HP’s been playing their TouchPad cards close to their chest since the announcement back in February. They announced just a few days later that they were partnering with Citrix to ensure that the TouchPad would work with Citrix Receiver, and today we’re now getting our first look at how that will work. In a video that just about rehashes the on-stage TouchPad demo from Think Beyond (Sachin Kansal is even giving the demo, and they use the same restaurant website), HP shows off the TouchPad, but then gives us one something new: Citrix Receiver.

Citrix Receiver is accessed via the browser, where after you log in you select the desktop apps you want to access. You select the app and it loads up the virtualized window with which you can interact, with all the processing offloaded onto a cloud server. Kansal demonstrated AutoCAD working with a 3D model over Citrix, and while it the framerate wasn’t fantastic, we will give them the benefit-of-the-doubt in that it is working over a Wi-Fi connection to a remote server. Cool stuff, and what will undoubtedly be a big selling point for enterprise customers. Check out the video after the break (Citrix stuff kicks in at 2:19).

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