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TouchStone hacking on Android Devices; Say it ain't so!

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 19 Sep 2011 3:02 pm EDT

If the photo above looks a little bit strange to your webOS-trained eye, that's because it is. Until now, if you wanted to have wireless inductive charging on your device, you either had to have a phone that fit with the rather expensive charging mats from Energizer, or get a cool TouchStone Dock with your webOS device.  On Android Central, forum member darrenf has done the daring task that most Android users might only dream of; he has modded his Samsung Epic 4G Touch to work with a Palm TouchStone dock.

This isn't the first time that this has happened, either. The original Epic 4G and Sprint's Evo 4G have had some of the same modifications added to them, and all with similar caveats attached. If you still have a TouchStone lying around and want to try your hand at getting that extra Epic 4G Touch to work with it (for your friend, right? Cause you're still using webOS...), you'll be doing some major hacking to the Samsung device that could certainly cause irreparable damage, including putting the charging coils on the outside of the device. 

HP might not be giving us webOS devices anymore, but Palm's handywork sure keeps coming back with great uses for gadget-lovers. You can see the step-by-step instructions in the Android Central forums at the source link below, or just gloat in the comments about how you've been using this wireless charging method for more than two years. Either way, there's certainly a lot of respect to be given to a guy that is willing to work with his device in such ways, but even more respect for the company that brings us more webOS devices to use the TouchStone with.

Source: AC Forums; Via: AndroidCentral