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It's Sunday afternoon in the last half of the 2011 year, and that means Football is well under way in the US. But even if you like to follow other sports instead (like Baseball, International Soccer, Hockey and more), SportsLive! HD by More Solutions is exactly that app you need right now to keep up with your favorite teams and catch game updates in real time right on your TouchPad. You can grab SportsLive! HD (or the original SportsLive for smartphones) in the app catalog right now for just $4.99, but as you'll quickly see, five bucks is a small price to pay for the large amount of value that you'll be getting.

SportsLive! HD doesn't just bring you the latest game scores with notifications, in this latest update you can now see the live conversations happening on Twitter about the games you're watching, or even join in a live chat room with other sports fans (powered by Villo services). You can grab SportsLive! HD at the app catalog link below and join the chat for free by registering a new account at Villo.net. 

Oh, and Go Browns!