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Angry Birds HDAlthough webOS was the first OS that Angry Birds was ported to after iOS, neither our smartphone nor TouchPad version has received an update in seemingly forever, while the apps on Android and iOS have received multiple updates (and we never even got Angry Birds Space). Many of you have moved over to other mobile platforms, or at least have installed CM9 on your Touchpads to get access to all the latest Angry Birds treats, but that also means you needed to start from scratch, erasing all the work you put in to getting 3 stars on all the levels and finding all those golden eggs, right? As it turns out, not necessarily!

Just as we gave you a tutorial on how to transfer you progress from the smartphone version of any of the Angry Birds games to their HD counterpart, we also want to present you with some instructions on transferring you progress from webOS to Android. This will work for either the phone or tablet version, and supports all Angry Birds games, including Seasons and Rio. The only requirements are that you know how to Homebrew your webOS device, you have root access on your Android device (which is a given if you have CM9 installed on a TouchPad) and that you have a file manager app in Android that will give you root access. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use the free ES File Explorer on Android and assume that the files indicated below will be copied to the Android device's SD card (which is the same as the TouchPad's USB drive). Continue after the break for instructions.

The first thing you need to do is extract the required files from the webOS version of the app. There are multiple ways you can accomplish this, such as:

  1. Use webOS Quick Install or Internalz Pro to extract the highscores.lua and settings.lau files from the media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.rovio.angrybirds folder on your device (or the folder for Seasons or Rio)
  2. If you have Save/Restore installed, just use it to save your latest progress. This will extract those files to a ZIP file in /media/internal/saverestore/com.rovio.angrybirds (for those not familiar with the file structure, /media/internal is simply the USB drive of your device)
  • Note: If you are transferring your Angry Birds progress on a single TouchPad from webOS to CM9, no further action is required. If you are transfer to a different device altogether, you then need to transfer that ZIP file to your Android device.

Now you need to boot up Android to transfer your data. Ensure that you have the correct Angry Birds game installed on your device, have played the game at least once, and solved at least one level in the game

  1. Make sure that the Angry Birds game is not running in Android. You may want to go into System Settings - Apps - the Angry Birds game and "Force Stop" it to be sure that it's not running
  2. Open ES File Explorer
  3. Go into the settings menu and ensure that "Up to Root" and "Root Explorer" are both checked. If you didn't have Root Explorer already checked, follow the onscreen prompts to enable this feature
  4. Back out to the file manager
  5. Find the files that were saved above. If on a CM9 TouchPad, the ZIP file will be found in /sdcard/saverestore/com.rovio.angrybirds (or the folder of other Angry Birds games you saved)
  6. Tap on the ZIP file and it should prompt you to open with ES Zip Viewer. Tap "Extract" and choose "Current Path" (or a custom path if you prefer)
  7. Back out of the Zip viewer and you should see the two .lua files. Tap the "select" icon on the top of the screen, select both files, and then choose "Copy" (a little file drawer should appear on the bottom of the screen with the files)
  8. Press the "Up" icon on the top of the screen until you get to the top root directory. Then select "data", and then "data" again
  9. Find and tap on the correct Angry Birds folder (e.g. com.rovio.angrybirds) This may differ slightly from the webOS directory name, which is ok.
  10. Tap on the "files" folder. You should see the highscores.lua and settings.lua files in there (along with others).
  11. Tap the "Paste" button on the top and confirm that you want to override the files

You should now be able to load up the game and have the progress from your webOS game transfered in. If you notice that when the game loads up it does not show the Rovio splashscreen but rather seems to have been open already, you will need to close the app, force stop it to force it to reload your progress and then re-open it.

Before you start, be aware that this will wipe away any progress you have made in the android version of the game. It will set your progress EXACTLY as what you had in webOS. You may also want to make backups of the two .lua files in Android before you start, in case you make any mistakes and need to start over.

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