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Tremble Mortals and Despair, Doom has Come to Your Pre

by Jonathan Downer Mon, 15 Jun 2009 10:36 am EDT

As the title might suggest (bonus points if you know where the quote comes from), an industrious home brewer named Sargun has managed to port PRDoom, an open source clone of the original Doom video game, onto the Palm Pre. Though he ran into some complications due to differentiating SDLs, he ultimately managed to complete the port without too much trouble, going so far as to call the process "fairly trivial."

We have to say we're impressed, and always up for playing some Doom, though the Pre's small button sizes could add an entirely new dimension to the challenge. If you're interested in following in Sargun's footsteps, he's posted the how-to on the Pre Dev Wiki, though we would not recommend it for the inexperienced or faint of heart (it will most likely void your warranty, and you run the risk of wiping your precious Pre).

If you've successfully managed to get Doom running on your device, or you've ported a different game over, let us know!