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Unnamed TripIt App Unnamed TripIt App

If you’ve ever done any traveling, you’re likely familiar with all of the documents, itineraries, maps, and everything else you need to keep track of. TripIt exists to get everything you need for your trip in one place, pulling in your flight and cruise itineraries, maps, and, well, everything, into one neat and accessible package. The San Francisco-based company has released apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android, along with their desktop and mobile web interfaces, but a webOS app was not in the cards.

webOS developers James Harris and Articus from Synactix would have none of that, and were actually working with TripIt to make an official webOS client. The app was more or less complete when TripIt decided against gracing the app with their name. That left Harris and Articus with a functional and beautiful TripIt app with no name. What good is making an app if you’re not going to release it, right? That’s what they thought, so the app is still going to go public, just minus the official TripIt endorsement.

Thus, it needs a new name. They’re taking suggestions until noon Pacific Time on Wednesday. The winner gets to see their suggested name on an app in the App Catalog, what more could you possibly need? How about a year’s subscription to TripIt Pro, worth $50? Yeah, you’ll get that too, that way you can take full advantage of that app you’ve so named. If you’ve got a name you think fits, post it in the forum thread to throw your hat in the ring. Our suggestion: Triptastic.

Source: Synactix