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Tumblbox for webOS
by Dieter Bohn on 12/16/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 0 comments

Tumblbox is a fast, elegant tumblr client for webOS with webOS 2.0 features like just type! Instantly familiar to any webOS user, the sleek interface makes it easy to navigate and post.

Post text, photos, audio, chats, quotes & links easily. View your dashboard, like posts, edit posts, delete them. Reblog with unheard of ease, once you try it you will never want to go back! Easy reblogging is unique to tumblbox, along with simple post saving, want to edit later? No need to save a draft, just swipe back and that post is saved for later! Follow tumblbox.tumblr.com for all the latest news, tips and previews! Tumblbox - because webOS deserves the best experience for the best experience on the web