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by webos catalog Wed, 02 Feb 2011 3:53 am EST
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!!!!!DOES NOT STREAM INTERNET RADIO!!!!! Turn the Dial is meant as an offline directory of radio stations. All data is stored on your device, no worries about internet connection except to open station website. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar city in the U.S. or Canada (more countries hopefully added in...the coming months) and want to listen to local radio then this is your little helper. Find your preferred genre of station and go straight to it, no scanning and hoping advertisements don't lead you to pass right by it. Turn the Dial has radio stations for 99 U.S. cities and 25 Canadian cities. We encourage users to submit requests for additional cities they feel should be included. If you happen to have satellite radio you can find channel guides for those services in the U.S. as well, Canada's channels to be added soon.

This information is all presented in a unique way, letting you swipe through the cities and stations. Works in both landscape and portrait mode. Also, we are not done and hope to have several features added over time to enhance the information available to you.

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