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This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.0 and higher

One of the biggest frustrations webOS users have had since the Pre was released was that you were unable to completely turn off the screen while your phone was on a Touchstone.  The Homebrew app Brightness Unlinked emerged with a feature to turn the screen off while on the touchstone, but that app unfortunately does not work with webOS 2.0 or greater (well it technically still works by shutting your screen off, but it just doesn’t allow you to turn the screen back on).  Luckily, webOS 2.0 brought with it a new feature that will allow you to turn the screen off while on the touchstone just by pressing the power button on your device.  Unfortunately, this is often a short-lived victory because once you get a notification, the screen turns back on.

As of right now, the only way to keep the screen off is to put the phone in airplane mode before you turn off the screen.  However, this will obviously prevent phone calls, emails, text messages or anything else from arriving on your phone during that time, so we do not advise you doing this if you are reliant on that data.

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