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webOS 1.0 gave you three and only three launcher pages, but allowed you to patch in order to add labels, change icon size, add/remove/rearrange pages. webOS 2.0 brought an upgraded launcher with native page labeling, the ability to add/remove pages, and significant speed improvements, but prevented further patching due to its more native code (bye bye icon resizing!). webOS 3.0 provides a larger launcher on the Touchpad and replaces pages with tabs, but seems to take a step backwards by locking you into four tabs that come with pre-defined and non-editable labels.

The good new is that when I was looking through the OS files to determine how to add the 3.0 Launcher to the Save/Restore app, I stumbled upon some code that allowed me to add/remove launcher tabs, rearrange the tab, and even rename the tabs. The tweaks are actually quite easy to perform right on the device with the help of Jason Robitaille's Internalz Pro app, and are even documented on this WebOS Internals wiki page and this PreCentral forum thread.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of bad news as well. First, there is no way to patch this with a simple patch. Each launcher page is assigned a seemingly random ID number that differs from device-to-device, so page and files names differ between devices. Without writing some additional services to run along with the patch (which is well beyond this author's coding expertise), these tweaks will need to be manual

But there is even more serious bad news. After applying these tweaks, I lost the ability to move apps from one page to another. Technically, the apps would move just fine, but as soon as I restarted my device, all the apps reverted back to their original position. Nothing short of a webOS Doctor allowed me to fix this issue. So, if you are thinking of applying these tweaks, I would not recommend it just yet. Please wait for the experts to do some more research on this and perfect the process. Hopefully, with the data that I have documented, our dedicated homebrew developers will be able to continue this hackrey and perfect a new Advanced Launcher Configuration patch for webOS 3.0.