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Tweed Twitter client for webOS going dark

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 17 May 2011 12:20 pm EDT

Pivotal Labs, the makers of the one of the first and early favorite Twitter clients, Tweed, has posted that they're ending support for the app. Tweed users can still continue to use the app, however it's probably not going to be a long term solution. Pivotal is going to pull the app from the webOS App Catalog and so users who have purcashed the app will not be able to reinstall it starting sometime in the very near future.

Pivotal cited two reasons for ending support for their app: Twitter's recent developer-unfriendly policies and also the fact that they would need to re-write the app entirely for Enyo / webOS 3 at some point. Add those two elements together and you have one dead app.

It's the latter point that gives us pause, though - we've been concerned from the get-go that the transition from the Mojo SDK to the Enyo SDK would be difficult for some time-strapped developers. With Tweed, we have the first big-name casaulty of that transition. Pivotal Labs was also an early and enthusiastic supporter of webOS, so the leavetaking is particularly sad.

Update: As @errade notes, Pivotal Labs also took in $10,000 for Tweed in July from Palm in last year's Hot Apps program. Do what you will with that little tidbit of information.

The good news: Pivotal are big fans of Carbon (hey, so are we! - read our full review) and have arranged with the devloper (who you may know as dotone in our forums) to offer it at a reduced $1.99 in the App Catalog very shortly. If you're a Tweed user, we recommend you get ready to lay down a couple bucks for Carbon, it's well worth it.

Source: Pivotal Labs Blog