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by GregStevenson Wed, 30 Jun 2010 11:34 am EDT
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A overview video is now available. is for viewing on computers and is rotated for viewing on your phone.

Two Thumbs Up is the first and only typing tutor made specifically to teach thumb typing by touch on smart phones. Using the martial arts ranking system of colored belts, one starts as a white belt and progresses to a black belt as typing proficiency increases. Two Thumbs Up is specifically designed to teach the entire webOS keyboard layout including the special keys and characters. Drills systematically introduce two or three characters at a time. Drills then add in previously learned characters and finally add in words and sentences that can be formed using letters learned. Drills also display a virtual keyboard to give feedback without having to look at the physical keyboard. If the wrong key is pressed, it is shown in red and the correct key in green, so one knows how to move thumb to reach correct key. Tests use the normal typing mode that one would use for email, memos, and other texting. Tests are used both for practice and to earn higher colored belts. Most drills and test focus primarily on accuracy while gradually increasing speed. Black belt ranks work on increasing speed while maintaining accuracy. All drills and tests are in short one minute intervals so one can easily practice almost anywhere. If desired, drill and test statistics can be uploaded to a website so one can track their progress or see where they rank against others.

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