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by oertuser Mon, 01 Mar 2010 5:26 am EST
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Ever been in a situation where you needed to send a quick Text Message but didn't want to have to retype the same message again? Txt Ready is the perfect utility for anyone looking to send pre-defined text messages to their spouse, friends, loved-ones, or even your boss. Whether you're stuck in traffic, busy, or late for work, Txt Ready makes it easy for you to send your message across instantly with just a press of a button. Txt Ready also features: * The ability to create multiple Categories and Items of all your pre-defined text messages. * Include auto Timestamp within your text messages. * Include the GPS latitude and longitude and a map of your location. * Setup pre-defined text messages for multiple SMS recipients. * Send your text message through eMail for multiple recipients. * Grab Mobile Numbers and eMail addresses automatically from your Contacts. * Provides emoticon shortcuts. * Supports landscape orientation view This free version is fully functional with limited record capacity.

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