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Type to search in the browser

by Adam Marks Sat, 09 Oct 2010 6:08 pm EDT

While you can perform a quick search of Google or Wikipedia directly from Universal Search, the web browser has a mini-version of Universal Search built in that allows for a similar action. From anywhere on a website within the browser card, you can just start typing on the keyboard to bring up a search bar on the top of the screen. There are 4 search options that you can take advantage of once you start typing:

  1. Web Search If you enter in an actual web address URL and press either the Enter key ( Enter key ) or the Arrow icon ( Web Arrow ) on the screen, the browser will load up that website.
  2. If you enter a search term (as opposed to a URL), you can either press the Enter key ( Enter key ) or you can tap on the top row labeled "Google" to initiate a Google Search.
  3. If you tap on the Wikipedia row, you will initiate a search of the mobile Wikipedia site
  4. In the final area, you will see any of your browser bookmarks followed by your browser viewing history that matches against your search. You will see any website with that search in the URL address or website name, sorted in the order of the most recently visited site. You can drag the search menu up to reveal additional history items
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