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Typing in List Selection fields

by Adam Marks Wed, 15 Dec 2010 2:37 pm EST

Calendar Event - List selection Throughout webOS, there are many data entry fields that provide you a long list to scroll through to find the specific data you need, such as the Date and Time selections of a calendar event. While the list may be easy enough to scroll through in most cases, you can actually type in your selection as well. As you can see in the screenshot, selecting the "minutes" box to choose the start time of the calendar entry pops up the long list of times, but you can then just start typing to get the time you want. So, to get an entry that starts at 4:25, just type "2" then "5" on the keyboard. No visual indication will be given other than the changing numbers on the screen. You can also use this for text fields, such as the month. To get July, tap on the Month field and start typing "jul". You will initially see "Jun" in there (as that is the first selection that starts with "J"), but it will change to "Jul" as soon as you type the "l" key

A few notes:

  • To get numbers, you do not need to hold down the Option (Orange/Silver) key for numbers. In the example above, to type in "25", just press the  2/R key key then the 5/F key key
  • You are only able to type in selections that are available. So, if you tried to type in "23", the "3" would cause the selection to become a "30" since that is the first available option that starts with a 3
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