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UberRadio 3

by MetaView Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:45 pm EST
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A full-featured internet streaming radio with sleep, snooze & alarm clock! Never oversleep with offline fallback and safe alarm mode.

UberRadio - the next generation web radio application. Instead of presenting you with millions of stations, it allows you to add your stations on the go and presents you the list of stations in a familiar way: just in your old radio slide left/right to change the station.

Additionally, you can set a sleep and wake up time to control your new pocket radio. The "Safe Alarm" feature, helps to prevent you from oversleeping. You need to enable this feature in the settings.

1.6.1: Fixed stream addresses for some UK and US stations. Prefill dialog appeared a bit too often, fixed.

1.6.0: Fixed stream addresses for some German stations. Prefill dialog appears always on empty station list.

1.5.0: All streams for 90elf (clear stations and
repopulate with German stations), handles official and beta facebook app

1.4.0: Fixed stream for 90elf (clear stations and repopulate with German stations)

1.3.0: Share on Facebook (needs Facebook app installed)

1.2.0: Removed doubled alarm triggering

1.1.0: Added snooze feature (5 min) in safe alarm, no focus-grabbing on sleep, bugfixes

1.0.2: fallback song if offline, options to remove wooden background, nice clock display in safe alarm window

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