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Undo command present in webOS 2.0: meta tap + z [video]

by Derek Kessler Sun, 09 Jan 2011 2:48 pm EST

One of the most requested features that webOS has been missing since it was released has to be undo, and we are happy to say that webOS 2.0.1 has now filled that hole. Although you won't find undo in any of the dropdown app menus, you are able trigger an undo it with meta tap + Z (holding down the gesture area with one finger and pressing Z on keyboard).

Undo works by go back in sets of actions, such as typing (anywhere from one character to a whole paragraph or more), triggering autocorrect, pasting, deleting, etc., and it appears to work throughout most of the OS. So, no more accidently losing one of your memos or a well thought out email, because Undo is here! Keep reading after the break for a video of undo in action.

Correction: undo does work in the browser, don't know why I said that.

In case you're wondering, meta tap + y will not give you redo; it'll trigger a Luna restart. It's worth noting that the fact that there are no menu options to give access to undo leads us to assume that this is a feature that Palm is currently testing and still needs to work some kinks out of. But the fact that it's there and functional tells us that maybe this isn't that far out. webOS 2.1, perhaps?