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by linjus Tue, 16 Feb 2010 3:39 am EST
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This program is a unit converter for webOS. It supports various categories including area, length, mass, pressure, speed, temperature and volume. Features This program converts the typed value in a unit into all other units in the same category. You don't need to select "From" unit and "To" unit. Just tap the source unit from the list, and type numbers. Then, values in all other units will appear in the same list, as you type. This program supports the following units:

  • length: meter, foot, inch, mile, yard, AU, etc.
  • area: square meter, acre, hectare, square foot, square inch, square mile, square yard, etc.
  • volume: cubic meter, barrel, cubic foot, cubic inch, cubic mile, cubic yard, cup, ounce, gallon, liter, tablespoon, teaspoon, etc.
  • mass: kg, ounce, pound, etc.
  • time: second, minute, hour, day, week, year, etc.
  • speed: m/s, mph, knot, light speed, etc.
  • pressure: pascal, bar, psi, etc.
  • energy: joule, btu, calorie, ev, etc.
  • force: newton, kgf, lbf, ozf, etc.
  • torque: Nm, ft lbf, in lbf, m kg
  • temperature: kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit
  • information: bit, byte, etc.

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