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Universal Search – Contacts

by Adam Marks Tue, 06 Jul 2010 12:50 pm EDT

Universal search is an extremely powerful tool within webOS that allows you to access all kinds of data on your phone within a matter of seconds and from anywhere on your device. To access Universal Search, all you need to do is start typing on the keyboard while in the Launcher or while in Card View (to access card view while in an App, simply swipe up from the gesture area to minimize that app). To search for a Contact using Universal Search, webOS will search for contacts based on Name, Nickname and Company and provide all matches to your query. Continue reading after the break to learn the specifics of how to search for contacts and what options are available once you find your contact.

Sample Contact Profile To demonstrate Contact Universal Search, let's use this sample profile for Jon Rubinstein. To find this contact, we can search for "Jon Rubinstein" (Name), "Ruby" (Nickname), or "H/Palm" (Company). In addition, across the entire operating system, you can also search for a name by typing in "First Initial + Last Name", which would map to "jrubinstien". As you can see below, all 4 search terms will find Jon's profile. Note that you do not need to type in the entire search term, just the first few characters. Also, if your search was not specific enough and multiple contacts meet you criteria, you will be shown the name of all results, and just tap on the name to expand your options


Universal Search: jon rub search Universal Search: ruby search Universal Search: H/pal search Universal Search: jrub search

Universal Search will also look through all of the search-fields within all the Linked Contacts for a given contact, not just the Primary Profile. So, if you have a contact that has a linked listing from Facebook, Google Contacts and your Palm Profile, Universal Search will look through all 3 of those in the search, but will still only return the single linked contact. Note that some accounts like Facebook sometimes treat middle and last names a bit oddly which can affect your search results. Here is a good forum post on one way to combat this behavior.

Once you find a contact, you have 5 actions that you can take:
1. Tap on the Contact Name to open the Contact record
2. Tap on any phone number to call that number
3. Tap on the “SMS” icon to the right of the phone number to launch the Messaging App with a text message pre-populated to that number
4. Tap on any email address to launch a “New Email Message” card to send an email to that address
5. Tap on “Add Reminder…” to add a message that you will be notified about every time you email, SMS or talk to this person on the phone. Note that if a reminder has already been set, the reminder message will be listed here instead of “Add Reminder…”

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