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Universal Search - Extended Searches

by Adam Marks Thu, 08 Jul 2010 2:49 pm EDT

Universal search is an extremely powerful tool within webOS that allows you to access all kinds of data on your phone within a matter of seconds and from anywhere on your device. To access Universal Search, all you need to do is start typing on the keyboard while in the Launcher or while in Card View (to access card view while in an App, simply swipe up from the gesture area to minimize that app). In addition to Contacts and Applications searches, webOS can also do a variety of extended searches in the web or maps. Continue reading after the break to learn the specifics of these extended searches


Universal Search - Precentral If you enter a search term using Universal Search and webOS can not find any matches to your Contacts or Apps, you will be presented with a list of additional search options. In this example, you can see that typing in "precentral" brings up four options on the screen: Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, and Twitter. Pressing "Google Maps" will open the Google Maps app and do a search for your entered term, while the other 3 options will open up a web browser and perform a search within the selected service.


Universal Search - Precentral.net Universal search can also be used to directly open up a specific website within the web browser. Instead of doing a search for "precentral", typing in "precentral.net" will cause a fifth option will appear with a website link. Simply press "Enter" on the physical keyboard or select that final option on the touchscreen to directly launch that website.




But what happens if you want to do one of these "extended searches", but your search found a match for a Contact or Application? Simply tap on the top "Find…" row where your search term is listed and the additional options will appear. In the example below, you can see that a search for "webos internals" initially found a contact, but tapping on the top "Find…" row extended the search options available to you. To hide those search options, just tap on that "Find…" row again.

Universal Search - webos internals   ---> Universal Search - webos internals (expanded)

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