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Universal Search - Homebrew add-ons

by Adam Marks Fri, 09 Jul 2010 7:39 pm EDT

As we discussed in prior tips, Universal search is an extremely powerful tool that lets you search for your Contacts, Applications, the web and Google Maps from anywhere on your phone and in a matter of seconds. For those Homebrewers out there, there are also a wide-range of patches that are available to further enhance Universal Search. After the break, we will dive into some of the more popular Universal Search patches that are available to you via webOS Quick Install or Preware.

Note: a "~" indicates that this patch is not currently in Preware.  You can still use webOS Quick Install to manually install these patches

Universal Search Command Line (USCL) – by dsevil

  • USCL Patch By including one of the built-in USCL commands to your Universal Search, this patch will add a ton of specific website options to search, including (but not limited to) Amazon, Google Images, ebay, IMDb, Yahoo and more. You can also add your own website search options to USCL (details here and a few examples here, such as YouTube, tv.com and fatwallet.com)
  • You can also perform a variety of webOS actions, including Restarting Luna or Java, Garbage Collecting, turning GPS on/off, or performing some simple math functions without having to open up the calculator
  • In the most recent version of the USCL patch, the developer integrated the Quick Event homebrew app into universal search
  • You can also create Tasks and Memos from Universal search, even with the option for a "Quick" Task or Memo that will create it without launching the respective app. (Note: Memos requires the additional "USCL Memos Patch")
  • Once installed, you can learn all the available options by typing ".help" from Universal Search

KeyToss Keyword Search – by samkim

  • KeyToss Search patch Very similar to USCL, this patch enhances the webOS universal search so that you can access over fifty different search tools using specific keywords.  Available searches include YouTube, IMDb, Amazon, NY Times and others.
  • Also includes a search of KeyToss's webOS App Finder, which is an web app samkim developed (customized for the Pre's webkit browser) to search for webOS Apps or News
  • Once installed, you can learn all the available options by typing "@help" from Universal Search

SMS Icon for Mobile Tagged Numbers only – by xenoph0be

  • This patch will cause the "SMS" icon to only appear for mobile numbers when searching for a contact via Universal Search. This way, you will never accidently send a text message to a landline or work phone.

~Add IMDb to Universal Search – by bpdamas

  • Searches Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com)

Hide Twitter Global Search – by Veritas06

  • Removes Twitter from Universal Search

~Remove Twitter and add Dictionary/Thesaurus to Universal Search – by balderson

Add Bing and Yahoo / Add Bing and Yahoo and Remove Twitter– by thomascoe

Got any additional patches or suggestions on ways to make Universal Search any better?  Let us know!

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