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Upcoming Sprint AIRAVE Refresh to Bring VoIP and EV-DO Support

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 06 Apr 2010 6:55 pm EDT


If you're a Sprint subscriber and you live in an area of spotty cell service, you're probably familiar with the AIRAVE, the company's CDMA femtocell.  If so, you're also probably familiar with the gadget's limitations, namely its lack of 3G and VoIP support.

We've been expecting updated hardware to come down the pike for some time now, and a tipster has recently made us wise to the fact that a refresh to the popular device is neigh, citing an internal Sprint email that's being sent around picturing a revamped AIRAVE boasting VoIP landline and EV-DO support. Corroborating this tip is a FCC filing recently dug up by the folks over at Engadget.

We're still digging around for the details on pricing and availability, but it's probably safe to assume that it'll be priced similarly to the current offering (free for some, $99 for others, with monthly fees starting at $10).  As far as availability, when draft manuals start getting emailed to employees and filings bubble up on the FCC's website, you can assume that it will be "soon".

Current AIRAVE users: are the upcoming enhancements enough to warrant an upgrade for you?

Thanks to gilligan793 for the tip!