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An update from Amazon MP3: They're working on it

by Derek Kessler Mon, 22 Oct 2012 8:20 pm EDT

An update from Amazon MP3: They're working on it

Yesterday we reported on how the Amazon MP3 app had stopped working properly on webOS smartphones, spitting back errors, sometimes failing to download tracks, and consistently failing to put your purchased music into Amazon's online Cloud Player - all the while charging your credit card whether you got the music or not. As you can imagine, that's both a headache and a problem.

Amazon's now aware of the problem, and while it's unlikely that the Amazon MP3 app itself will be updated ever, let alone anytime soon, it's more than likely a fix can be made to happen on the cloud side of things. As our own Adam Marks noticed, songs that he purchased two days ago on the 20th that were not added to his Amazon Cloud Player account appeared today with a purchased date of the 22nd. Adam's not alone - @johnowoss on Twitter had the same thing happen with two purchases he made via the Amazon MP3 webOS app.

Additionally, webOS Nation reader Micah emailed us to note that he was able to get a different response from Amazon regarding the problems with the webOS app. You'll recall that upon inquiring about our issues, Amazon told us we should make sure we were running the latest version of the Android app (on the difficult to impossible side, at least for now). Micah, however, was told that Amazon's technical team is aware of the errors and is "working on the issue", though it very well might "take a bit more time than usual", i.e. this isn't a high priority item for Amazon. Can't say we blame them.

While it looks like Amazon is on their way to sorting this out, we're still going to hold off buying anything through the webOS Amazon MP3 app. We like it when things work, and we've had enough of things not working over the years.

Thanks to Micah for the tip!