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Use your wallpaper as the Exhibition Background with Multi Pane (webOS 2.1+)

by Adam Marks Wed, 11 Apr 2012 7:23 pm EDT

Multi Pane ExhibitionWith the release of webOS 2.1, Exhibition mode was enabled to replace the standard lock screen when your phone is on the touchstone. You had access to one of the default applications of Time, Photos and Agenda, or third party applications that developers designed to work in Exhibition mode. The Time application was essentially just a replacement for the old lock screen, still giving you a simple way to see a clock on your device, while also adding a more colorful background image that you could toggle if desired. While there was no built-in way to change this background image (as you change your phone's wallpaper), there was a homebrew solution to manual change this image. Even so, many people would still prefer to just using your devices's wallpaper image as the background, but that functionality does not exist.

However, if you are one of those people who would like to use your device's wallpaper for the Exhibition background, you do have one option in Multi Pane by Appsotutely. Available in the webOS App Catalog for $1.99 and is compatible with all webOS devices (although exhibition mode is only available on devices running webOS 2.1 or higher), Multi Pane is an app that gives you a window to your wallpaper by loading any number of "clear" cards on the screen, while also including an optional preference to show the current date and time as part of the transparent card or in a separate dashboard notification. But, it also has an exhibition mode that will display your wallpaper in Exhibition, with separate Exhibition preferences that allow you to show the date, day of the week, or time. If you select just the time, it gives an almost identical replacement for the Time exhibition mode, just with your own background. And, it even works with background-switching apps (such as Wall Switch, also by Appsotutely). Continue after the the break for detailed instructions on how to set this up.

To set up Multi Pane to "replace" the lock screen:

  1. Purchase Multi Pane from the App Catalog
  2. Open Multi Pane, then swipe down from the top-left to bring down the Application dropdown and select "Preferences"
  3. Scroll down to the "EXHIBITION OPTIONS" section and toggle your preferred text color and if you want to show the day, date and/or time
  4. Back-swipe (on phones) or press the back arrow (on the TouchPad) to close preferences
  5. Add Multi Pane as an available Exhibition Mode app in the Exhibition preferences app
  6. The next time you access Exhibition Mode, swipe down from the top left to bring up the list of available apps and choose Multi Pane.

Multi Pane is available in the webOS App Catalog for $1.99 and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 1.4.5 or higher

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