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Veer disappearing from AT&T stores, Pixi Plus still soldiering on

by Derek Kessler Mon, 17 Oct 2011 6:03 pm EDT

Alas, poor HP Veer, at least we got to know you for a little while. Unlike your big brother. It hasn’t really been that long since the little Veer came onto the smartphone scene to underwhelming reviews, and though it wasn’t a barnstorming success, we would have hoped for a longer time on store shelves. It seems that the Veer is slowly disappearing from AT&T storefronts and the AT&T website, which we can’t say we’re too surprised about given the way HP took its webOS device plans out to the same country farm where they say they took our last puppy.

What does surprise us is that there actually is still some webOS on AT&T: the Palm Pixi Plus. It’s still running webOS 1.4.5, it’s still woefully underpowered, still free, and still around. It’s also a little depressing that the two-year old Pixi managed to outlast the far-superior Veer (let alone the never-officially-released Pre3).

With the Veer gone from AT&T, we’re now down to just a handful of publicly available webOS devices: the $149.99 contract Pre 2 on Verizon, a free-with-contract Pixi Plus on AT&T, and the recently-back-in-stock unlocked AZERTY Pre3 from the Palm Eurostore (for a reasonable £169.99). Even long-time webOS supporters O2 UK and Germany have dropped webOS devices from their line-up. We're deep into the desert folks.

Source: AT&T, Palm Eurostore; Thanks to Mark and Spreng for the tips!