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Veer has a curved screen. Wait, what?

by Derek Kessler Tue, 24 May 2011 10:21 pm EDT

Remember when the Samsung Nexus S launched and everybody made a big deal about the curved glass screen? The one that was concave so that it could better fit the radial nature of your thumb? Yeah, that one. It turns out that the screen itself is actually flat, and it’s just the glass on top of it that’s curved (and the curve isn’t exactly enough to have any real ergonomic benefit). We’ve also been hearing rumors about the next iPhone possibly having a curved glass screen, but of the convex nature (humped like the original Pre’s plastic screen). Well, we realized something recently when we set an HP Veer on its face down on its little screen and it spun freely: the Veer’s glass is curved.

It’s a very subtle curve, but it’s there, and it’s absolutely dashed our previous assumption that since the Veer had a glass screen and thus had a flat screen. Nobody had said otherwise, so why wouldn't it be flat? If you set a Veer down on its Gorilla Glass face, the phone will rock both horizontally and vertically, as well as spin freely as if, well, it has one point of contact. As if it’s curved, you know, because it is. The curve isn’t exactly obvious, but in holding our phone up to look at some straight line reflections, we confirmed that yes, the Veer’s glass is indeed curved.

We’re not really sure as to why the Veer’s glass is so subtly curved, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it helps with slipping it into and out of our pockets. Though now knowing that, we might end up a little more hesitant about placing the phone face down on rough surfaces, since it’s that one point right in the middle that’s going to get all of the contact. Yes, it’s Gorilla Glass, but it can be scratched. Regardless, take that rumored iPhone 5!