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Veer launch party scheduled for May 2; Update: AT&T confirmed?

by Derek Kessler Sun, 17 Apr 2011 11:10 am EDT

We’ve been hearing “spring,” “soon,” and most recently “very soon” with regards to when the minuscule HP Veer smartphone is supposed to launch. Of course, all this vagueness means little without a concrete date, and it’s looking like that date might actually be very soon, perhaps as soon as the opening days of May (as in next month).

What might lead us to draw such a conclusion? Perhaps this invitation that’s popped up online from HP, scheduled for the evening of May 2 in Anaheim, California, for the HP Veer Launch Party Event. We’re not sure exactly who this invitation is for, but it’s out there for all to see. The three-hour event (preceded by appetizers) will include “hands-on training, exciting demos and HP giveaways” and, well, that’s about all we know about this. If you were hoping to get your hands on a smartphone so small it can’t fit a micro-USB port or headphone jack, then you might be looking at only a few weeks instead of the indeterminate “soon.”

Update: PreCentral reader Philip writes in that after signing up for the above event, he received an email informing him that he needs to "bring his ID badget or an AT&T/Best Buy Business card" to get in. We were expecting the Veer to land on AT&T, so it's no surprise but still is nice to hear. Thanks Philip!

Source: Cvent; Via: rretsiem (Twitter)