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Verizon confirms: New Every Two dead as, well, dead

by Derek Kessler Wed, 19 Jan 2011 12:29 pm EST

Not to be left out of the carrier news, Verizon Wireless has confirmed that it’s ‘New Every Two’ program is riding off into the sunset. New customers with plans greater than $34.99 a month on Big Red will no longer be eligible for a $30-$100 credit toward a new handset after 2 years (you’ll still qualify for the regular subsidized price). Oh hey, don’t feel left out if you’re an existing customer: You’ve only got one last go-round on the New Every Two ponyride before it disappears for you too. Just make sure you cash in within six months of your signup date. Fair’s fair, right?

Several different factors may have gone into Verizon’s decision to drop this promotion, including narrowing profit margins from customers buying subsidized phones after only 13 months to costs of their massive LTE rollout. (They cite Sprint’s $10 4G “premium data” “tax” as another carrier cost-control strategy). Whatever the reason for this change in plans is, just don’t go saying it has something to do with the imminent launch of Apple’s latest wunderkind, you conspiracy theorist you.