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Verizon CTO: "webOS developing into a strong player"

by Derek Kessler Tue, 15 Feb 2011 2:42 pm EST

While some Sprint executives might not be all big on Palm products, Verizon CTO Tony Melone sees a place for webOS in the smartphone world. In his chat with CNET, Melone mostly talked about the big three of the future, which he sees as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. We’re surprised too - if anything we’d have thought he’d have picked Windows Phone as número tres. But Mr. Melone doesn’t see a place for Microsoft’s darling OS, even with the support of Nokia: "I do want a strong third OS out there. It gives the carriers more flexibility and balances the interests of all the parties. But I still have doubts whether Microsoft will get the traction they are hoping for with Windows Phone 7."

As for HP webOS, Melone sees plenty of potential there: “If HP decides to license webOS that could also become a third or fourth player that is used by OEMs. I'm more optimistic with webOS developing into a strong player, just based on the strength of the OS. It has some very unique and good characteristics."

Thing is, we don’t see HP ever licensing webOS. They bought Palm so they could use webOS to build an inclusive ecosystem through all of their products, to be more like Apple. Licensing doesn’t fit into that kind of thinking - that’s why you haven’t seen Apple license iOS or Mac OS, and conversely it’s why you don’t see a strong product ecosystem like the Mac OS/iTunes/iOS trifecta present in the world of Android.

Source: CNET; Via: Engadget; Thanks to jimijames for the tip!