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Verizon goes after Sprint over "most dependable" claim

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 Nov 2009 10:26 am EST


We’ve been trying to stay out of the public and increasingly bitter kerfuffle between Verizon and AT&T and now Apple over maps and coverage and whatnot, but now Big Red has just gone and pulled us in by now going after PreCentral’s current US network of choice (or no choice, if you choose to look at it as such): Sprint.

If you think back to those first wacky Now Network commercials, Sprint was touting their status as “America’s most dependable 3G network.” Their claim is supported by tests done by PC World in July 2009. The testing measured signal strength in 13 US cities; Sprint topped AT&T in every test and Verizon 90% of the time, as well as providing comparable or better wireless speeds.

Verizon takes issue with that claim. A recent study by Nielsen Co. produced results that showed Verizon had fewer dropped or blocked calls than Sprint. As you can see here, we’re looking at two different metrics (signal strength vs. dropped calls, though they are somewhat related). Verizon still took their more recent survey to The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureau; the council agreed with Verizon’s case [pdf] and asked that Sprint cease airing the “most dependable” claim.

Sprint, understandably, does not want to comply with the request. As much as some of us love Sprint, to potential customers the only other thing they really could lord over AT&T and Verizon’s heads was that Sprint cost less for the same plans, and now they seem to have been beaten by T-Mobile on that front. Not wanting to give up their new advertising pitch just six months after adopting it, Sprint says that they plan to appeal to the National Advertising Review Board.

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