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Verizon to Launch Mobile Recovery today? Remote location, alarm, and lock

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Sep 2010 12:52 pm EDT


It looks like a little rumor that popped up on BGR yesterday is probably true: Verizon is going to be launching a 'Mobile Recovery' app for webOS in conjunction with asurion, who is the insurance company behind their Total Equipment Coverage program. If you're enrolled, you download the app now by visiting the mobile recovery site or, heck, here is the direct link to it in Palm's web feed. If you're not enrolled (and doubly if you're not a Verizon customer), you may be able to download it but you'll get booted if you're not signed up for TEC.

So.. what's the app do? It can sound an alarm on your phone, locate a lost phone, and and lock your phone as well (though remotely erasing contacts is not supported).  

We've installed the app on our Verizon Pre Plus and, well, so far we haven't actually managed to get any of the services at working just yet

Of course, those location services might be a little dicey - no word yet whether or not Verizon is allowing the app full access to aGPS because of their relationship with asurion or if they've allowed it to remain hobbled. We set ours to check every 10 minutes (and didn't open VZ Navigator) for testing purposes and have to yet to get a lock, for what that's worth.

The app was briefly available in the Palm webOS Web Feed and some of our members grabbed an early look, they seemed to like what they were seeing. Go on and take a gander at the web interface for locating (via Bing maps), sounding the alarm, and securing your Palm Pre after the break.