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Verizon Palm Pre Plus down to $29.99

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 02 May 2010 11:26 am EDT


Thought that a Palm Pre Plus for $49.99 with free Mobile Hotspot (and a Buy-one-get-one option) was a killer deal? How about $29.99? That's what Philly8081 in our forums noticed on Verizon's site and we called a couple brick-and-mortars to confirm: the Palm Pre Plus is now just $29.99 after a two year contract, no mail-in rebate in sight. Unfortunately, the Palm Pixi Plus didn't see a similar price drop, so it too is (still) priced at $29.99 after contract. 

We don't know if there are still too many webOS devices in the channel and Verizon and Palm need to keep moving them at the expense of profit margin or if this is simply a reaction to the launch of the Droid Incredible last week. We do know that a $30 Pre with free Mobile Hotspot is a great deal.

Thanks for the tip, Palmwebos!