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We've been wondering when the Pre 2 would land on Verizon and while a lot of signs point to "very soon," officially all we know is "coming months." That time period is distressingly vague, but fear not: a document leaked to PPCGeeks has the Pre 2 included in big V's Q4 2010 lineup.

Of course, there's precious little new information here. We are happy to see that Mobile Hotspot is still going to be on board (and would be even happier if it continued to be free). We are less happy to see that Exhibition mode won't be ready in time - it's one of the most intriguing features in webOS 2.0, so hopefully the wait for it won't be too long.

Target Market? "Singles, Couples, Young Adults, Small/Medium Business, Enterprise." We don't want to be too snarky and make the joke about moms not being included in that list except, well, we kind of just did. We really shouldn't make the point that we hope Verizon will put some marketing weight behind the Pre 2 by embedding their original, patronizing (literally) commercial after the break -- which makes it a good thing that Verizon pulled said videos off YouTube, we suppose. 

Q4 launch: check. Mobile hotspot: check. aGPS and serious marketing effort: we'll see.

Source: PPCGeeksThanks stung!