Verizon Pre 2 GPS doesn't appear to be crippled, huzzah! [Updated] | webOS Nation

Verizon Pre 2 GPS doesn't appear to be crippled, huzzah! [Updated]

by Derek Kessler Fri, 18 Feb 2011 5:26 pm EST

We’ve got good news for anybody giving consideration to the Verizon Palm Pre 2: unlike with the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on Verizon, the Pre 2’s GPS has not been intentionally crippled. In fact, looking at preliminary reports from our forums, it appears that as long as you turn on all location services, it should 'just work.' We have multiple reports from our forums that it is in fact working like a charm. Unfortunately for current Verizon Pre Plus and Pixi Plus owners, Big Red doesn’t seem likely to change their tune on your phones, as it’d probably require a webOS update from HP to make it happen.

We're still looking for more reports and datapoints and a full analysis of what's going on in the code behind the scenes, but right now it looks like Verizon has seen the light and is doing right by your customers. Just don’t do it (it being screwing with GPS (or your customers)) again and we’ll be cool. M’kay?

Update: We just spoke with James Harris, developer of the GPS Fix app and one of the main experts on the status of GPS on Verizon webOS devices. Here's the scoop: it definitely looks like the combination of the Pre 2's hardware and updates to webOS 2.0.1's GPS stack have added up to very much improved performance for standalone GPS and other location-based services. Whether or not aGPS will only work with VZ Navigator or will be available to 3rd party apps is still a bit of an open question. If you have a Verizon Pre 2, best thing you can do is help out by visiting this thread and reporting your results. Regardless, excepting a small API bug where GPS may return no result and time out (see zhephree's excellent "How I fixed the GPS in the Foursquare app for webOS"), Verizon Pre 2 customers should be experiencing significantly improved GPS performance.

Finally, Harris notes that his GPS Fix app can still be advantageous in that it will help your Pre be aware of satellite locations and that he's working on an update to the app to make it even better. Thanks James!