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Verizon Pre Plus and iPad WiFi: So Good

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 06 Apr 2010 9:40 am EDT


Over at sister site TiPb (The iPhone + iPod + iPad Blog), they've published a full review of the Apple iPad and the gist for Pre owners is this: it's a perfectly reasonable decision to wait and see where it's going with iPhone 4.0. Don't think of it as competition to the Pre, it's not a phone. Still, comparing multitasking on the iPad to multitasking on webOS is surreal: the one that feels more like a computer is a staccato singletasking experience and the one which is a phone feels like it has an operating system from the future. 

So far we've only seen the WiFi-only version of the iPad but since I'm a Verizon owner and Mobile Hotspot is completely free, the lack of cellular data hasn't bothered me at all. It's fast and easy to just toggle Mobile Hotspot on the Pre and get to 3G browsing on Verizon's fast and reliable network with the iPad.

I've tried to make the case that free Mobile Hotspot means that business users should give webOS a second look. The ability to tether the iPad at no extra cost means that for dedicated Verizon users, the Palm Pre might be the best phone to go with this 'mobile companion' known as the iPad (yes, I went there).

Anybody else in webOS-land pick up an iPad? I know more than a few of us are dreaming of the possibilities of webOS on a screen this large.

(Full disclosure: I contributed to the hardware section of TiPb's iPad Review. And yes, I'm standing by that line about the teddy bear.)