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Verizon promises fix to GPS issues on webOS

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 14 May 2010 3:27 pm EDT

Since there are plenty of users still experiencing GPS issues on Verizon webOS devices, we're not calling the horse dead yet and therefore need to keep beating. The backstory, if you're not aware, is that apps not called VZ Navigator cannot access Verizon's Assisted-GPS system. We briefly hoped that this patch would resolve things but it hasn't for all users (but Ebag333 and the PreCentral crew are still at it).

The latest, then, is that Verizon has promised a fix. Terry went to them on Twitter and after @VZWSupport initially suggested the classic fix of temporarily launching VZ Navigator to jump-start A-GPS, they came clean and said:

Yes there is [a fix in the works], right now there is no ETA. The steps I gave you are a temp fix.

Good news, that. We hope we see it sooner rather than later.

Thanks, Terry!