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Verizon Re-Confirms Palm Pre in Early 2010

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 17 Oct 2009 2:36 pm EDT

We've already heard officially from Verizon that they'll be carrying the Pre in 2010 (they said January). But for those who've missed the news, Verizon has re-confirmed via Twitter that it's definitely coming: "We will be carrying the Palm Pre smartphone early next year."

Good news, that, and we're going to not worry about the fact that @VZWOffers went with "early next year" instead of January. Verizon is finally coming around and bringing better hardware to the table with the Storm2 and some Android love, so the Pre will be entering a fairly crowded field. We trust it can hold its own, do you?

viaBoy Genius Report, thanks to everybody who sent this in!